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Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Hitting!

Okay, I have a new rule. Didn't know I needed it. But today, it became apparent that I need a rule. No Hitting! I have actually had a small problem with this in my 4 and 5 year olds class. But I can just pick up the cretin and carry him like a smelly bag of garbage out to his mother and say "He hit, he can't come back today. Next class okay." (Yes, I speak pigeon English alot these days.) But what do you do when the mother is in the class and can't control the miscreant? I came to the end of my rope with little Toshiki, today. He's a real wise-guy comedian. He wants my complete attention and he wants me to laugh at him. He also sets off another little boy, who behaves pretty good when Toshiki isn't around. I ignore him completely when possible. I'll look right through him as if he isn't there. But he'll push other children out of his way and wrestle with the other little boy pretty fiercely and now he has started hitting. He hit me twice. When he gets out of control I usually pick him up and carry him to his mother and say "I think this is yours". And she bows her head repeatedly and says "gomen nasai" and then he's up and doing it again in 2 minutes. He usually stretches my patience pretty far. Today I'm sick and my patience was about as stretchy as a bowling ball. And then he started hitting. He hit ME twice!! It was at the end of class and I just wanted it to end. But I went to O'Goody and told him next week I would ask his mother to leave if it happened again. I didn't get much support there, but I have gotten a clearer set of rules in my own mind. And I know how I will handle it if it happens again. Kids are easy. Parents suck.


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