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Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Album Released

Natalie, famous blogger, tips her hat to the guiding lights of her travels in the title of her latest album, “Nagano.” Artistically, however, she’s stretching beyond the usual rhythms and images of her past by showing a restless ambition that suggests she’s not done growing yet as an artist.
Always a savvy blogger, Ms. Davis of late has approached each album as a conceptual project. This one wistfully examines the complex emotions that come with living out one’s dreams. The album starts with “Mori-Shogunzuka” and “Downtown Nagano” both depict the life of a vacationer as both salvation and curse; both sections suggest that reaching one’s goals doesn’t necessarily erase life’s problems. She takes a new turn with the “Monkey Park”. But she does seem to return to one of her forte’s, Japanese children.
Those looking for signs of reflection on her everyday life in Japan won’t find them in this album. Natalie’s style is still apparent throughout the full release, though, and fans will be happy. Upbeat and dreamy are words that have been used to describe her work. And occasionally the word “competent”.
Natalie proves she’s willing to test her limits. Expatriate blogs will be better for it.


At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, very good photos. Lovely scenery, interesting monkeys, and cute people. Nagano looks like a very pretty place. Why couldn't I see the last few of them? FEY


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