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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Search of Montezuma's Stamp?

Tonight's conversation class with Shosei and Yukia was fun. They brought maps and more maps for their winter vaction to Arizona. I was looking at the one they had for Sedona and it just pointed out where business are located and several vortexes. It would have been nice if they would specify them as energy vortexes or new-agy-feel-good vortexes, but noooo they are just labled as vortexes. I was trying to locate some good Indian Ruins for them to visit, but the map was useless for that. So I got online and eventually figured out Montezuma's Castle would be on their way from Pheonix to Sedona and that is the coolest Indian Ruin I've ever visited. Well, they got really excited. I showed them a small picture of it and Yukia started clapping with delight. When I wrote down the web address to the Monument she noticed the NPS in it. She asked if it was a National Park, and I said "sorta". It's a National Monument, but it is administered by the National Park Service. I thought she was going to pass out from happiness. She says she collects National Park Service cancellation stamps. Another happy customer.


At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting all excited about the trip to Phoenix. I so hope they enjoy themselves. It does't seem like Christmas without Hobby Lobby. (Plus temp. is in the 90s and everything is green.)No huge
Santas around yet Mum


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