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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another Private Student

Yukino is a new private student of mine. We met for her first lesson today. When we talked before she mentioned she wanted to work out of a text book, not just have a conversation lesson. So I brought along an intermediate text book I had sitting around the aparto. But I had been thinking about it and I really didn't want to use a textbook with her. So today as we were sitting in the "open space" on top of the concert hall I suggested we do a book club type lesson. We would read a book together and discuss it. She seemed agreeable so we walked over to MayOne Department Store/Mall which has a bookstore in it with a respectable, if not huge English Books section. We poked around and I suggested several books but she didn't seem thrilled with any of them. But after going over the whole English section again I picked out four and asked her to pick one. She picked The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith. We then walked back to the open space, sat in the sun and she then started to smile. A really big smile. And she kept looking at the new book. Turns out she thinks reading a book together for lessons is awesome. I think this is great, too. I got paid money today to go book shopping. Of course I spent most of the money I made today in the bookstore. And I still have to go hunting for another copy of that book, as the store only had the one copy. But still, this is a pretty good gig, don't ya think?


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