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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

W is for Water

I'm sure you have all been waiting and wondering what this weeks lesson would be. Wait no further as I unveil the wonderous "W is for Water" lesson plan. We have already had R is for Rain, where I sprayed them with water. So teaching "Water" seemed pretty tough. After much tweaking of plans I have ended with the following lesson...I say "Do I have any water in my bag?", and I look in my bag...No water. Then I say "Oh, I know where there is some water!" upon which time I walk to the two buckets of water I have filled up and set in place and covered with an upside down plastic drawer from my closet. I place the drawer in the middle of the room and fill it up with the two buckets of water. Then, I have a couple of options depending on the size of the class, the time I have and the personality of the class. One option is to put a bunch of items I have collected into the water, such as sea shells, a rubber duck and a bath turtle, a floating lilly, some plastic fish and a wind-up penguin with a broken leg. I then give the kids little fish nets and they scoop the items out of the water. Really, they think this is great fun. The other option is two place a big towel at one end of the drawer, roll up my pant legs and wade through the water. I then invite the kids to do the same, and they have to say the word "Water" before I let them out and dry their feet for them. Once again they think this is sooooo neat. And the 3rd option is to do both activities. Also later on in the class I get out water colors, hand them a photo copy of an outline of a butterfly and show them how to watercolor. This is the first time for many of them to do water colors so they also think this is quite amazing. The picture above is of Ryou. He has a "D" marked next to his name in my attendance book. D stands for Dream in he is a teacher's dream of a perfect student. He is always well behaved and absolutely loves to learn. He is very willing to try new things and not shy. He also gives me a kiss goodbye when he leaves. Not to mention he is absolutely to cute for words.


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