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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Riding in Cars with Strangers

So, I picked a really bad day to ride my bike to work. The weather report said a chance of showers. Well, it has said that for the last 4 days and nada. And it was lovely at 10:00 am on my way to the community center. But it started to rain at 3:08 in the afternoon. And rained steadily for the next 6 hours. So after a long day at work, topped off by a strenuous Salsa Dancing class, riding home in the dark and the rain didn't exactly sound appealing. I'm not really all that concerned about getting a little wet, especially on my way home. But I also have to cart around all my lesson materials everyday. And today I had 3 different aged class. So my totebag was full of lots of paper products. So when I was offered a ride I agreed. Now, Nori isn't truly a stranger. I didn't know his name until tonight, but he is in the intermediate Salsa class, right before the beginer class that I am officially signed up for. However, if my private lesson is canceled, like it was tonight, then I attend the intermediate class as well. Maybe I should have been more wary of such an offer as the ride home, but it is really hard to be afraid of someone as dorky as Nori. He is pretty tall for a Japanese guy. And it is so funny to watch him dance. He has NO rhythm. But he is so earnest, and tries sooo hard. But he really is hopeless. He is rather sweet. Hard to be afraid of a sweet Japanese uncoordinated dork. I made him let me off several blocks from my apartment, though. As much so that he wouldn't get lost, and ...well, I just don't want strange men knowing where I live. Even if they are rather sweet Japanese uncoordinated dorks.


At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mum has no comment. Love Mum

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Hisashi said...

Hello. I found your blog page by accident. I am a Japanese and live in Hamamatsu. My mother goes to Shakai Hoken Center every other Sunday. She is taking one of English course.
By the way, speaking of strangers, one of the pictures you posted (on Sep. 12th) showing the name of your apt. So you might wanna blur the name out. :) Just a suggestion.


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