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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Natalie is a Witch

Well, we all knew that! So I held 3 Halloween Parties in my 3 kids classes. The first class went great. All the moms brought some sort of costume, even if it was just some cat ears. But some got a lot more involved. One mom sewed a princess dress for her little girl. I went over some Halloween vocabulary and had them color a Jack-O-Lantern picture. Then I taught them the most important part of Halloween, which is Trick-or-Treating. I gave them hand printed trick-or-treat bags and went outside the door. Then each one knocked at the door, I opened it up and they said "Trick-or- Treat" (or Trick-or-Eat, or Bick a beet, or whatever they could manage) and I put 5 pieces of candy in their little bags. When that was finished we did a little costume parade through the lobby singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". This party was a big hit with everyone - kids, moms, me, the office staff and strangers walking through. The next party was a flop. I hadn't told this class that we would be doing a Halloween party last week, so there was no costumes, nobody wanted to wear the hats I brought or face painting. It just sucked, but it was my own fault by forgetting to warn them. Then my Let's Go 2 class was awesome. I walked in in my costume and they
roared with delight. We did the Halloween vocab and then I gave them blank brown bags and they drew their own Treat Bags, while I handed out costumes. They were hesitant. But all I had to do was say, "Then no candy" and they started fighting over the costumes. We did the whole Trick-or-Treat thing. We got done a little late, but most of them stayed around to help me pack up everything. A few girls even asked begged for a second face painting. A very exhausting day, but a good sort of exhausting


At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Those kids are real cuties and you make a cute witch as well. It sounds like you are having some fun over there and are managing to find veggie food along the way. I read your blog each day at work and haven't missed a single entry (surprised?)! When are you coming back -- or are you??!?!?!!? Well, it's back to work for me -- and I don't have any cuties around to adore... But then I can wear nicer shoes (ha-ha!)...



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