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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Harvest Time

Another day of sightseeing in the Nagano area was today's agenda. We went to the nearby small town of Obuse. It's a town famous for artwork, produce and pottery. The area is known for it's apples, and as now is apple harvest time the town was hopping. We started out with a visit to a temple famous for it's painted ceiling. Then we headed for the central downtown and had lunch. This area is also famous for chesnuts, so lunch was at a well known chesnut rice restaurant. Then much shopping ensued. Then we met up with Haruo, another friend I was introduced to last summer. He was supposed to be coming to visit me, but that was just a pretext for visiting Kei. We then visited the local art museum and although it was quite nice we spent most of our time in the lounge letting Kei let off some steam. She is ten months old and just starting to stand and walk with assistance. She is really a doll (I can see why Haruo comes to visit her) and smiles at the drop of a hat. But she still needs a little time to bang things, squeal loudly and play lots of peak-a-boo. After a little more shopping we headed back to Nagano and killed a little time at the apartment before heading for their favorite lite chinese cuisine restaurant. It is a delightful little airy house located on a windy little street. They serve 7 courses and there is only one sitting and 12 tables yet very reasonable. We arrived at 6:30 and the last course was served just before 9:00. Quite an experience. As we started to drive away, an old lady came trotting out of the restaurant and down the steep steps waving to us. Apparently Haruo had put on her husband's shoes, instead of his own. I thought that was just about the funniest thing ever. Not something we worry about in the US. Haruo had no time to spare before the last train back to Tokyo. At least we assume so he made it, as we dropped him off at the station and haven't heard from him. We hope he's not sleeping on some bench covered with newspapers. An amazing note to add: I have eaten all my meals since arriving with chopsticks, and I have actually gotten enough food from the bowls to my mouth to keep me from starving to death!


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