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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Touchstone

This is the Act City Tower. It is about 50 stories tall. Nothing in town comes even close. Nothing in the prefecture comes close. From the first day in town, I knew this tower was my friend. It houses a great many things. Businesses, a hotel, lots of restaraunts, some good vending machines, the GAP, a surfboard shop, several concert halls, convention centers, the musical instruments museum (which I have yet to attend), a roof top park (no, not at 50 floors up, it's complicated), an observation deck (yes, 50 floors up), and lord knows what all they are keeping from me. It makes a nice place to walk and kill some time. But most of all it's my touchstone. Okay, I don't actually touch it very much. But whenever I can see it I feel safer. It's this giant traffic sign. I can't really get lost if I can see the tower. I can always find my way again. It's a really nice security blanket for a stranger like me in a strange land (especially a strange land that doesn't understand the concept of street signs).


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Wallflower3 said...

I want you to know that I HAD a fantastic comment written for you. It would have wowed and amazed you. In fact, it was so great that I went ahead and included the meaning of life... and then the freakin power went out and I lost the whole thing. Oh well... The jist of the the note said that I think that if a building could appear "friendly" that your Touchstone does just that. For some reason it reminds me of that movie BLADERUNNER (and kinda resembles a particular part of the male anatomy, which may be why I am also strangely drawn to it- unless, of course, it belongs to my husband and then I won't have anything to do with it). Have a great weekend. - Melanie

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Although it is just a building, it is much friendlier than anything out of Bladerunner, and much lighter. It is also a much more oblong shaped edifice than this picture shows. So your phallic reference makes me laugh and makes me say ouch when thinking of it like that. Thanks for the comments, I love when people respond!


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