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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Little Upside-Down Boy

This is Rentarou. I adore Rentarou. He is a two-year old in my Saturday class. He's a great kid with a wonderful smile. In every class we review the abc's, up to the new letter we are doing that week. When we are done talking about the new letter I choose one child to put the letter back into the alphabet on the board. I give them the letter, and then lift them high enough so they can put it where it needs to go. Then before putting them down I either swing them around, or put them up on my shoulders, or dangle and swing their legs back and forth like a bell or just turn them upside down. One week I chose Rentarou for letter replacement duty. Afterwards I turned him upside-down. That's when I realize he looks the same upside-down as rightside-up. Well, now I just have to turn him upside-down everytime I see him. As you can tell by the picture below he quite enjoys it.


...and upside-down


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