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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mr. Kobayashi

Thursdays are the day I have the Skyland class. I was disappointed because Mr. Bossman (Kobayashi-san) was away on a business trip. He's a hoot. He can't be more than 5 feet tall, and a little tubby and his English is rudimentary, but he can still figure out how to make me laugh. He is unmarried and spends all his time figuring out how to make more money. He doesn't have anyone to spend his money on, so it appears he spends it on his employees. When they went to Tokyo he took a couple of employees to Trader Vics. One Saturday he got bored and closed the hotel office and took them all to the movies. Next week he is taking 2 employees to Italy. They are spending 8 days total between Roma, Firenza, Milano and Venizia. I'm sure it is partly a business trip, but mainly it is just for sightseeing. Everytime one of the employess kids comes by he hands them cash. Even when they are 19 and working. Last week I decided to take his picture and this is what I got.

What a great face, eh?


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