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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Meet Mr. M

This is Mr. M. He drives me crazy. But it's not like he is evil or anything. But it is hard for me to work with someone who is so unncommincative. And I am not just talking about his lack of English Skills. He just seems uncomfortable talking with people. Not just me. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, I wonder if people frighten him? But I don't think that's it. I think he just lives in his own little world. I have mentioned that I can't stand the little meetings he conducts in his car, or how he makes me sit in the back seat, and how he just walks on ahead saying nothing when we go somewhere. He even did that last thing when he picked me up from the airport. And then he spent the 90 minute trip in his car on the way from Nagoya to Hamamatsu and he never offered up a word. He answered the few questions I threw at him, but only just the shortest answers possible. I have to say it was very disconcerting. Another thing that makes me crazy is that I have been to his house every week for the last umpteen weeks and he has never introduced me to his wife or kids. On the good side, all this means he generally stays out of my way and doesn't dictate anything. The classes are mine. I can do what I want. After getting my feet wet, and figuring out my classes, I'm feeling really proud of what I have done. I love when classes go well and the high is pretty awesome. So, I guess Mr. M. is okay. But he still makes me crazy!


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Wallflower3 said...

Melanie in Texas here - I just ran on to your blog and thought it was really great. I am 27, married w/ no kids, a respiratory therapist just out of college. I have been getting a little bored post-graduation, so I started blogging in my spare time. I have never been out of the country and really long to see the rest of the world. I so enjoy your observations and the pictures are great.It strikes me how brave you are to put yourself in what must be multiple uncomfortable situations everyday. I also really enjoy your book reviews. I hope you don't mind the intrusion, I just wanted you to know that I might check in on your blog from time to time. Until I get the courage/money to travel as you have, I hope you don't mind being my window into Japan. Thank you for sharing ( I hope this isn't too creepy ). My blog is also on blogspot and is called "stuckinthefalls" and I welcome you, although it may be somewhat boring to people that don't know me. Great work, keep it up!

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Feel free to lurk! I was an avid reader of one particular blog before I made the commitment to come to Japan. Unfortunately, mikeinjapan has been wiped from the electronic world. It used to be the first thing I did each time I logged onto the computer each day. He had gone to Thailand over the winter break when the typhoon hit and I checked the internet every several hours until he posted and said he was nowhere near the devastation. Reading his blog and a few others had several important impacts on me. First I realized it was not such a bad thing when I got turned down by the JET program. I started thinking I would rather try and teach at a variety of levels so that I could figure out which I liked the best. I also learned what not to include in the blog, especially apologies for skipping a few days or telling the blogging world you would post pictures later. Too much of that is boring. Also a short post everday is just as good or better than longer posts infrequently. But most of all it helped give me the courage to do this. He was a nice guy, and above average in intelligence and having an open mind. But he wasn't superman. He just decided to try something different. I could do that to. So enjoy the blog, and please feel free to live vicariously through me. But I also hope that you will do a little dreaming about trying something crazy. That would make me really proud.

At 7:07 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Now that I have read your site I think I will rewrite some of the lofty, very polite things I said, into another voice for you. A voice I am very comfortable with. So here is what I said translated....

S'allright feel free to lurk me. Glad you are enjoying the rants and raves. Been there, done that. But any ol person with guts can do this. You can friggin do this. So get off your ass and do a little research...I ain't saying pack your bags today or anything. But look around! There is a whole big world out there that needs some butt kicking.

Hope that sounds less prissy and much less self-help-bookish.


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