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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dear Johnnie

Today I took the Johnnie Hillwalker tour (not to be confused with the Johnnie Walker tour). When I posted that I was going to Kyoto I had several people email me that I had to take this tour. And they were all right. He's got to be 75 years old if he's a day. And quite the character. Apparently he has been giving this tour for nearly 30 years, but his English is still quite quaint. I wonder if some of this pigeon English is just an act? But the truth is I don't care. He was adorable. Not to mention the tour was quite educational, and sort of a behind the scenes tour of Kyoto. He started by taking us to a working buddhist temple. And explaining all about buddhism and being adorable. We saw behind the scenes at a pottery, a fan making business and a sweets shop. We had vegetarian Inari and a sweet. We went to a couple of Shito shrines and a cemetery. The whole tour to about 5 hours and only cost $20. Soooo worth the money. The tour ended close to a shop where I had seen a robe-style kimono I wanted so I purchased it and did a little more window shopping. By that time my feet were killing me. So I stopped at a little Italian style coffee and cake shop. I sat outside at a cafe table and watched the batch of German business men sitting next to me try and communicate in English with the Chinese woman who was with them. Now that was entertainment. I caught the bus back to the hostel. When I walked in the Dutch woman I have been chatty with asked if I wanted to go to the Japanese bath house with her. I jumped at the chance. That was sooooo wonderful. So relaxing and was extra wonderful for my achy feet. Afterwards we went to this strange little Italian restaurant nearby and it took us half an hour to get our order understood. Now I am waiting for the hostel to serve our saki and then I can hit the sack. I have a lot to see tommorow before I catch the 3:00 train back to Hamamatsu, so I can teach my night class. Must have my energy restored for the big day ahead. Wish me luck!


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another lovely day. You're doing it right.Mum


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