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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Conquering Kyoto

I spent my first day in Kyoto, and I took it by storm. Actually I did it by bicycle. I rented a bicycle first thing this morning, and the guy who rented it to me asked if I was going to attend the "freemart". Not understanding what the heck he was saying I brilliantly replied "huh". He said freemart several more times. The last time it morphed into the words flea market. Oh? What flea market? Then I remembered one of the temples here has a huge flea market once a month. I just happended to be here for it. That temple also happens to be real close to Kinkakuji, one of the places I had decided to see. So I hopped on the bike and headed north. And I kept going north. Kyoto is not a small city. I stopped for breakfast. Then I continued on north. Eventually (like an hour after I started) I finally reached the market. It was huge! And if you wanted a used kimono this was the place to be. I'm not crazy about used clothing, and kimonos are completely unpractical. Do I need to mention I didn't buy one. So I went to a department store. There I bought 2 purses and a pair of shoes. This just goes to prove that I am my mother's daughter. Then I rode up to Kinkakuji. Not only is it north, it is in the foot hills. That turned out to be sooooo beautiful which is tough to do on a bicycle. I loved Kinkakuji.
I headed back to the hostel to drop off my purchases. Then I headed off to the west side of town to check out another temple. It was also in the foothills, so after awhile I just found a place to park and continued on foot. I found a really cool cemetery that just went on forever. Sugoi! That means "Awesome" in Japanese. I went to another temple Kiyomizu Dera. It means pure water, and you are supposed to drink some of that pure water. So I did. When in Kyoto.... Came back to the hostel after dark and found someone to go to dinner with. And now I just finished drinking saki with some of yesterdays gals and some new ones. It is only a little nightcap to aid the sleeping process. If you believe that.....


At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are having way too much fun. Shoes and purses? How much better can life get!!! Mum (Did I have to add the "Mum" part?


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