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Monday, September 19, 2005

Changing of the Seasons

I have had several clues that the seasons are changing. First is that I am a fairly smart cookie and know that Fall officially begins somewhere around September 22. The other dead giveway is that it is getting cooler (big round of applause). The trees are beginning to lose their leaves was another hint about the change. Then there is the amount of hair I am finding all over the apartment. Apparently my body knows the changing of the seasons and I am now losing my summer coat. The most distressing sign though is the amount of spiders that think they are going to be allowed to winter over in my apartment. I try and let spiders hangout wherever they are and not disturb them, but these spiders are different. The spiders I like find a niche, build a pretty little web and then start picking buggies out of the sky for me. But nooooo....not these spiders. I have attention deficit disorder spiders. They can't seem to find a spot and settle down. No they have to scurry about, changing locales constantly. I posted some rules but they don't seem to care. The rules are simple:

1) No running under my bare feet
2) Stay away from the bed
3) Violators will be squished

I'm fairly stict about these rules and don't waffle about. I have had to to enforce the rules 3 times. The last time I got medieval and left the carcass out for the other spiders to see what happens when you disobey the almighty shoe wielder.


At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeeeuw!! Spiders!!!!! Mum


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