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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Castle, a Flock of Toucans and Hot Pink Toenails

The Suzukis whisked me off for another daytrip. This time to the town of Kakegawa. They have a nice little Japanese castle there. It was a lovely building.

Too bad there was nothing in it. I knew it was a small, and not famous, but I didn't expect it to be so barren. It is built on a very steep hill, maybe small enough to be called a hillock. The views from the top were nice. Then I find out it was only a replica. They built it from very detailed plans that were submitted to the government in the 1600's. So it is really accurate, but only a couple of decades old. On site is a residence that I think is original, and a nice little museum. After the visit to the castle we headed for the bird park. It is a large indoor aviary. They didn't exactly have a wide range of birds. Mainly Sun Conures and Toucans. You can feed the birds and they will fly over and land on you to eat pieces of melon out of your hand. In general I find the Japanese to be kinda chicken (pardon the bird pun). At PalPal everyone is afraid of all the rides Americans like most. Of course at the bird park that is good for the birds. Americans would roughly handle the birds, but the Japanese would just stand very uneasily as the birds would perch on them. The toucans were really cool, they were so gentle as they took food out of my hand. And they are just amazingly beautiful, and photogenic.

Yoko is so funny, she is so worried about my eating habits. She found cranberry juice for me (I think she must have ordered it) and picked up some REAL mayonaise for me too. Well, now I am sitting here watching "Kill Bill" and painting my toenails. I think the two things go together perfectly. I'm even going to put some little flower decals on my toenails. I'm so hip!


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