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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Strolling to the Video Store

Ahhhhh. I spent most of my day scrubbing years of grease from the upper cabinets and the burner hood in the kitchen. I would take breaks and watch the DVD I rented when it got too hot. It took me almost as much time to figure out the DVD player, the remote, and then the DVD itself. None of these things are in English or have any universal symbols on them. But I feel like I accomplished alot today. And then after my dinner of nachos with black beans and olives I strolled over to the video store to return the movie. This is one of the best things about where I live. Being within walking distance of a lot of things. I'm not really within a short walk of either a grocery store or a 100 yen store, but otherwise I am quite covered. The post office is on my block, there a dozen hair cutting places within 6 blocks, the video store is 10 minutes away, there are restaraunts galore, including an Italian place and an Indian place, a couple of convenience stores, and of course vending machines on every corner. I also spotted a cool-looking coffee place. I think I will try it out Sunday morning.

P.S. The movie I watched was "Before Sunset". I liked it!


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