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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Rainy Day in Hamamatsu

Well, today was rainy and the temperature was quite comfortable. But it caught me off guard. We haven't had but a spot or two of rain in the last month. And then the whole day was rainy. And it looks like tomorrow is going to be rainy. And rainy for the foreseeable future. It may just interfere with my motorboating plans next Sunday. But it was nice to have a cooler day. I walked to the convenience store to pay my phone bill (yes, that is one way to to it here), and I took some of the back streets that I had not walked before. There are some really fancy houses (for inner city Japan) in this neighborhood, with some really cool gardens. Of course I didn't take my camera. I mean, for gosh sakes, I was just walking 6 blocks to do an errand. Then I spent the rest of the day intermitently cleaning and listening to NPR and watching "Gone With The Wind" for the 1,789th time. I'm determined to do some exploring tomorrow and almost no housework. We'll see how the weather holds out and if I can keep myself from scrubbing anything for a whole 24 hours. Wish me luck.


At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Take pictures. Mum. P.S. my computer is getting quirky. Send me your real world address again.


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