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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Other Side of Town

Yesterday Rinako and her family had plans to spend the day at the big mall on the other side of town, and invited me to come along. Apparently it was the big end of summer sale (does that mean it is gonna cool down now?). How could I pass up that opportunity? The down side would be that I would spend money. The up side would be that I would see another part of Hamamatsu, get to spend the day in free air conditioning and spend the day with Rinako and her family. So I only spent $20 on a shelving unit I desperately need (at an excellent price for Japan), some cream of potato soup, the aforementioned refried beans and a cheap kimono. Yes, I bought a kimono. Well, you see I need a robe and you can't find them anywhere (except Tokyo). So Rinako said she would just cut it down. But now that I have it at home I don't think that is really gonna work to well. Maybe I'll just keep it as a kimono. And just a side note, the other side of town looked alot more Western. The road was 4 lane with a middle turn lane and had sidewalks and looked alot more like any strip mall alley you see in the states. It was so much easier to drive. But a little sad in a way, too.


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At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Glad you got to check out Yanaka (thanks for the comment on my blog!) - it's so much fun.
Sounds like you are settling in well - it's so nice when you start to find places to buy your favourite foods, and can listen to the radio online and all that stuff. Living in a new place where everything is different and exciting is great, but it's less overwhelming if you have a few familiar comforts :)
Anyway, hope you had a good weekend and that it cools down soon... it's SO hot in Tokyo too!
Take care, Suzy.


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