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Friday, August 05, 2005

My Kingdom for a Can Opener

Well, I thought the time had come. I thought maybe last night I would come home after my last class got over at 8:30 and make mini black bean burritos. It was less hot (I wouldn't go so far as to say cool) and I had the energy. I got everything out of the fridge, cut open the tortilla bag and placed them on a plate to warm up in the microwave, shredded some cheese, got out the pan to warm the beans, poured myself a little drinky-poo, and chopped some tomatoes. The gas stove cooks everything so fast and makes the kitchen so hot that you prepare everything first and then cook. I then went to open the can of black beans and of course you need a can opener. So I opened the drawer of utensils I have inherited and started to rifle through it. No can opener. Well, maybe in this other drawer with the chopsticks. No, but I found 2 corkscrews. Maybe in the junk drawer. No, but 2 more corkscrews. Okay. Let's look again. There has to be a can opener! 30 minutes later I have sorted the drawers and thrown away alot of junk, but have not found a can opener. I'm getting sort of hungry by now and my cheese is melting into a giant lump. So I made quesadillas instead. Not bad, but not the burritos I was hoping for. I guess I could have gotten dressed and gone out and bought a can opener, but that just wasn't going to happen. Oh well.


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