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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Fathers are Increasing

I thought that the number of fathers attending the 2-3 year old classes had been getting bigger, but yesterday was crazy. Out of 15 kids in one class, 10 came with their fathers. That is just crazy. I don't really understand why the fathers are increasing. One might guess that I am just so cute that the men flock to me, but as much as that might fit in with my standard delusions, I just don't think it holds water. My predecessor was quite attractive - she was tall, curvy and blonde. I don't get it. But I decided to enjoy myself with this increase in males. During the first part of the class we do alot of active things - running, jumping, etc. Well, I made sure we did all the most embarrassing things during that class, flying like a bird and saying "tweet, tweet", kangaroo hops, and crawling. I also really enjoyed the end where we did the "Hokey, Pokey". I always do. Watching 3 year olds try and shake their leg "all about" is always adorable, as half usually topple over. But watching 10 serious Japanese men, turn in circles singing a childrens song is an all out hoot!


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