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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Such a moron

I feel like such a moron! I keep having to get help to do the simplest things. And when it comes to the f*******g cell phone I am just completely inept. Last night I came home from class I went to pull the dangly pull-thingy from the main light in my room and got nothing. As it was Saturday night I figured I would just have to live with the desk light for the whole weekend which gives off no more light than a nightlight. But when I went downstairs I noticed that quite a few people were working in the office, so I popped in to get some help. First it took lots of charades to get them to figure out lightbulb. Then the boss man went and got a ladder out of his car. I am 5`4" and I am taller than anyone in that office by a good 6 inches. So they bring up the special lightbulb and the ladder and someone then had the audacity to turn on a switch on the wall and the light turned on! Yikes. I had only turned the light on by the pull string. Didn't know there was a switch (I thought that switch went the the electrical socket underneath). I have also had to get help with the DVD player, resetting the clock, and especially that danged cellphone. I am a girl, and therefore willing to ask for help quicker than a dude, but some point you just start feeling like a dumbass.


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, not a dumbass, just a stranger in a strange land, Just think, in a few months you will have mastered most (but not all) of the quirks of living in a foreign country.Mum


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