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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Laughing Fit

Okay, so maybe I will survive this, and even become good at this teaching thing. I can't go on with my story because the guy next to me is cleaning his ears with a Q-Tip. I'm about to completely loose it. I'm trying so hard not to laugh I am about to cry. Oh, now he is trying to hock up a loogey. Oh God! Help me. Okay things have started to settle down. Concentrate, concentrate. Oh God, it's no good! Which is kind of funny, because my entry is about how I made a kid laugh so hard he did a sort of narcoleptic thing. This was in one of my bazillion 2-3 year old classes. And we do this bit where we act out how thirsty and hungry we are and then we I try to drink something silly like alligator juice or spaghetti soda. All the kids scream "NO" and then we choose something normalish like orange juice or melon soda (normal for Japan). Then with the hungry bit I said I wanted strawberry pizza and the kids all screamed "NO". Then I said I wanted a cat hamburger. When I went to bite into it, Misty did a meowing noise that kinda suprised me. So I looked at the pretend hamburger with really big, scared eyes and threw the hamburger away. This one little guy got the giggles so bad he just couldn't stop. Which gave all the mommies and us teachers the giggles. So there we are all giggling and then little giggleboy went completely limp and was out cold. Which only made us all bust out laughing so loud I thought I would pee my pants. Eventually the kids decided we needed to eat a sandwich and life got back to normalish and giggleboy woke up. I knew I was a hoot, but this is a first for me.


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