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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Drove on in

Yesterday I moved to the aparto. The girl before me said Mr. M was gonna have the place cleaned after she left. I didn't hold out much hope for that as he is really not that thoughtful. And I was right. I am gonna have to clean it from top to bottom. I started with the closet. But that meant I had to go buy cleaning supplies. So I walked to the supermarket...which is a whole lot farther on foot than by bicycle. Got me a nice little sunburn. It is friggin hot! And then had to do a lot of guess work with the cleaning agents. I really need some metal polish for the back splash in the kitchen, but I will just wait until someone who can read Japanese can go with me. Couldn't really find a picture that looked like metal polish to me on the billions of cleaners I looked at. Then this morning I did the thing that has been scaring me the most. I drove to work. I survived and so did everyone else in my path. I know that in the beginning I will do okay, it is that period about two weeks in where I think I am getting the hang of it...and then boom! I will be going the wrong way down a one way street or on the wrong side of the road. So far the trickiest thing has been using turn signals. They are also on the wrong side of the car, so every time I go to signal I end up turning on the windshield wipers. Well, need traipse back to the car and try the return route. Wish me luck.

P.S. I won't be getting internet installed at the place for at least 10 days. Yuck!


At 10:56 PM, Blogger the englishman said...

any gokiburi in the new place?


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