Natalie Goes to Japan

40 year old very married blonde woman having a midlife crisis who heads to Japan alone to follow her dreams. Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cash, Cash, Cash

Where has all my cash gone? Well, I actually know. A great deal of it has gone into this blog. You all better appreciate it. I also splurge each morning and go to the same coffee shop for breakfast. Four dollars gets me a crossant, a hardboiled egg, this awsome salad with corn on it and something to drink. And then there has been all the cash I have laid out for things to survive in the cubby. Dishwashing soap, sponges, food, salt, pepper, gin (hey, I'm still me), toilet paper, etc. Oh, I had a visit from one of the young ladies who works in the hotel front office. She saw me limp into the apartment holding one of my sandals in my hand. She came up to make sure I was okay (and be a little nosy), but she got me the use of a bike! Kayo is now my best friend in all of Japan. Okay, she's practically the only person I know in Japan. But it was still awfully nice of her. Gotta go, my time's almost up.


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