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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Year's Worth of Deodorant

Well, my big task of the day was buying a year's worth of deodorant. I read on Floating World Views, another blog that you can't find deodorant in Japan. That is the one thing that would be to unbearable for me to live without! I can get used to alot of things, but not wearing deodorant is 2nd on the list of things I'm just not sure I could ever do. The first is sleeping without socks on. Just one of those lovable quirks that make me me.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Sallie said...

Hi Natalie,

Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching English in Japan (soon enough). Good call on the deoderant. I also recommend sending yourself a supply of something of your favourite food. Although depending on how big the place you go is, you might be able to find it (ie. potato chips, a specific chocolate bar, etc). As for Mosburger and vegetarians... They have salad. And milkshakes. I don't think their fries and onion rings are veg, but I did get them one night when I was drunk. It's not an ideal place for a vegetarian, really, but after a night of drinking, karaoke and dancing, sometimes you just have to follow the crowd there!!

Good luck in your preparations.


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