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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday Routine and Being Sociable

Saturday - the day I prefer to stay home and watch TLC all day and do laundry and NOT take a shower. Like last Saturday that was not really an option. Last week Rhonda came to visit and we had many restaraunts to visit and there was tons of food that had to be eaten. Today we had a party to attend to and the weather on Sunday was not likely to be good, so I decided I needed to try and add another cemetery to my genealogy site. It still took me the whole morning to get ready as I went incredibly slowly (it is the weekend after all). The trip to the cemetery was not quite as productive as I would have liked - it wasn't there. I was sure there was a cemetery at that church! I think someone must have stole it! So I went in search of another - found it only to realize it is outside the county (by about 20 yards). Found another cemetery I had never seen before and attempted to transcribe it. Within 10 minutes the poison ivy, hornets and humidity had pushed me past my limits and I gave up. I did stop and a couple of cemeteries I had transcribed in the past to take photos to add to their pages, so the trip wasn't a complete write off, but not what I had really hoped to accomplish today. Then we went to the party and were sociable. Talked and small-talked until I couldn't handle any more. Human interaction can be so exhausting.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Tamara Mauldin said...

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At 3:42 PM, Blogger Tamara Mauldin said...

I typoed; anyway I agree about human interaction sometimes! 😅 Next time we decide to exhaust ourselves together remind me to ask you about transcribing cemeteries 😁


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