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40 year old very married blonde woman having a midlife crisis who heads to Japan alone to follow her dreams. Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it.

Friday, July 01, 2005

My heart broke tonight

Tonight I walked my dog for the last time before I go. It had just started to rain a little when we set out, but that doesn't bother her much. I remember when she used to trot up ahead and pull at the leash. Her tail used to curl over her back and the fur used to swish from side to side as she pranced in her superior way that she had. Now, she has trouble keeping up with me at my slowest pace. She stumbles alot. But her nose still works and she still gets very excited about going for her very short walks. Tonight I watched as she sniffed a particularly wonderful patch, and some leaves drifted from trees in the pre-storm breezes. And I cried, and I cried. She just stumbled toward the next wonderful smell. She luckily is oblivious to my turmoil, plodding forward in her happy, doddering little world.


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