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40 year old very married blonde woman having a midlife crisis who heads to Japan alone to follow her dreams. Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I was mean (hee hee hee)

My moment of Joy today came when Prissy came to visit me in the bathroom while I was brushing my hair. I told her that I felt like tossing her in the bathtub so she better skeedattle. But she just kept meowing at me and being a general pest. So I snatched her up and tossed her in the tub. Before she hit the bottom she let out a nasty hiss. There was a little water from the leaky shower in the bottom, but she acted as if she had been scalded with acid. She bounced out of the tub so fast she may not have gotten any water on her tootsies. She zoomed to the bedroom door, promptly sat down, and did nothing. I walked over to her expecting her to bound away, but she just leaned into me as I went to pet her. All was forgiven.


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