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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Computer Organizer

You know that show "Clean Sweep" where they come into peoples houses and reorganize everything and make them get rid of tons of useless stuff? I love that show, and would make a great addition to crew (in case they are reading my blog). My current temp job is a lot like that, only with computer files. The position is always held by a temp, so that means every file in written differently, named differently, and organized differently. My job has been to convert the stuff that's in WordPerfect to MS Word, while cleaning up the pages. That means standarizing the margins, headers, outlines, etc. and renaming them all similarly, (so they don't have to go searching for stuff everytime they need it). If this all seems very dry and boring, you are sooo wrong. I really love it. "The girl ain't right." She ain't, but it's her thing, leave her alone. Biggest problem is I won't be able to finish in the next 5 work days. I guess I'll get over it.


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