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Friday, June 17, 2005

Autumn Visits Doctor Bob

Took Autumn in for a geriatric check up at the vet's today. He took blood, checked her over, poked and prodded. Autumn was an angel during the whole thing. The tech came back in to check her chart to add her age to the blood sample they send out to the lab. She pointed at her age and asked "Is that right?". Yep, she really is 17 years old. Her kidneys are probably shot and she is way to thin. Doctor Bob started to get worried about her breathing. "Is this a new thing"? "Oh, that heaving she does when she purrs? No she did that from the very first day we met her. She just purrs with her lungs involved somehow." "If your sure?" as he puts away the oxegen tank. That's are crazy Autumn. Gotta love her.


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